The Family Support Centre uses a quality assurance system for two key reasons: firstly to review and improve the effectiveness of its activities, and secondly to have a service delivery framework in place to underpin any requirement to match external professional standards.

The purpose of our quality framework is to retain the integrity of our voluntary service while providing confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our activities.

The basic principles of a quality assurance system are to:

Our Quality Assurance Framework

We have developed statements to say what we do, and policies and procedures to say how we offer our service. We carry out monitoring activities to review all aspects of our work to include:

The quality assurance system provides a framework where we have an annual cycle of review of our activities so we can adapt or improve them wherever possible. We ask our clients and our stakeholders for feedback so we can improve our services to meet their needs.

We involve our advisers in developing new policies and procedures and we ensure they are trained or briefed with any updates.

Family Support Centre Policies and Privacy Notice: