Pregnancy Related Issues

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Unplanned Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and it was unintentional?

You may be confused and worried if you think you are pregnant, and even more so if this is confirmed. You may feel you face a situation that has no easy answers. Although you may feel under pressure to make a decision quickly, it’s helpful to give yourself time. Whether you feel it or not, you do have a choice. Don’t rush your decision, take time to talk it all through.

Family Support Centre provides the opportunity to do so. Our trained advisors can, if you wish, check whether you are pregnant with an immediate result. They can help you consider those things that make pregnancy a difficult thing for you at this time. If you are considering abortion they will help you understand what’s involved.

What do I need to think about as I make a decision?

Perhaps you are worried about losing your job, or your partner or your freedom. Maybe you feel too young or will have to give up education or that you won’t be able to cope. You may not feel ready for the responsibility of becoming a parent.

If you have money problems, benefits may be available. Visit the Benefits website or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

With such concerns you may feel abortion is the only solution. If you do not fully understand what abortion involves we can provide information. To make a fully informed decision we can give you the opportunity to look at all the options and possible outcomes and you will have our support whatever your decision.

A phone call to our helpline 0121 744 8838 is all it takes to enquire.

Post-Abortion Help

Have you had an abortion and are having negative feelings?

Emotional responses vary greatly following an abortion, some being positive and some negative. You may feel a sense of relief because it seems the right choice or you may feel it was the wrong decision for you.

If you feel you made the wrong decision, which could be some time in the past, Family Support Centre advisors can provide the support you need, as they have for many women. Partners too can sometimes need emotional support and are unsure how to react.

How can I come to terms with these feelings?

Talking with someone who isn’t involved emotionally with your situation, in a confidential environment, can help you look at all the information and your deeper feelings and provide you with the support you need.

Family Support Centre advisors can provide this for you. They can help you come to terms with your decision through a support programme called “The Journey – a road to post-abortion recovery”.

A phone call to our helpline 0121 744 8838 is all it takes to enquire.

Find out more about ‘The Journey.’



'The Journey programme made me able to live again! When there was no help available anywhere else specific to abortion, this support was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.'

Stress and Anxiety

Are you suffering from short term or occasional mental distress and do not feel it serious enough to seek professional help?


Relationship Issues

Life can be difficult sometimes and relationships become strained.


Moving on after separation or divorce

Are you going through a separation, divorce or relationship breakdown? This is likely to be a painful situation.