Stress & Anxiety

Illustration of a woman stood thinking.

Are you suffering from short term or occasional mental distress and do not feel it serious enough to seek professional help?

You may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and worry or you may have begun to feel depressed. You may be obsessing about thoughts or unduly preoccupied with them. In any of these you may find some impact on normal daily activities and feel you could benefit from outside help.

If you are not already under the care of professional mental health services then the Family Support Centre provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere where you receive support.

What do you need to do?

Just call our helpline on 0121 744 8838 and an advisor will consider if your condition is one that we feel able to help with. If so then we can arrange for you to call in for an exploratory discussion and if you feel it would be beneficial you can have as many sessions with our trained advisors as needed to share your feelings and concerns and explore ways of managing them. If however professional advice or therapy is felt advisable then we could direct you to that route.



'I felt supported and safe in an environment where people listened and were not judgemental. The advisors were very professional but at the same time it was an informal situation where I could relax. The skills they used enabled me to view my situation in various lights, and I always left feeling a sense of hope. I would recommend this service to anyone and just wanted to relay my thanks.'

Pregnancy related issues

Talking with someone who isn’t involved emotionally with your situation, in a confidential environment, can provide you with the support you need.


Relationship Issues

Life can be difficult sometimes and relationships become strained.


Moving on after separation or divorce

Are you going through a separation, divorce or relationship breakdown? This is likely to be a painful situation.